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  • Samedi 29 octobre 2016
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Les derniers messages de All is dust sur le Forum :

Tu les trouve où ces infos ? Tu sais déjà à quoi ça va correspondre ?

Top !! Merci, ça fait plaisir. J'ai essayé de gratter mais c'est chaud de trouver les infos !

Je ne suis pas sûr, je sais plus où j'avais entendu ça.

Merci ! Cool comme info !

Il y a ça aussi :

Blue Magic

Blue Magic abilities appear only on Monster cards, and allow them to be used similarly to Summon cards. Blue Magic abilities are written as "Blue Magic - (cost):(effect)." To activate a Blue Magic ability, pay its cost and discard the Monster card from your hand.

Ce qui ferait des cartes "monstres" des "polymorphes", pouvant servir de soutien, d'avant ou d'invoc. 


J'ai entendu dire qu'il y avait deux nouveau types qui allaient sortir dans l'opus II, monster et item déjà présent au Japon. Voici ce que j'ai trouvé :


Monsters are mostly notable for their support abilities. Their defining trait is that they are unaffected by summoning sickness, meaning that they can use their tap abilities the turn they enter the field. Many of them can also become Forwards for a turn at a time.

Forwards, Backups, and Monsters are collectively called Character cards. If that card represents a specific person, a player may only control one card with that name at a time. They can't play other cards with the same name. If they control more than one card with that name, they must put all of them into the Break Zone immediately. Cards marked with the three-cards icon in the top right corner are exempt from this rule. Note that any number of players may control cards with the same name, just as long as no one player controls more than one of those cards.


Items are used to strengthen a player's characters. Each Item has an Equip ability and a Return ability. Playing an Item card does not use the stack, and therefore cannot be responded to by Summons or abilities. Equip abilities are written as "Equip (type)." When an Item card is played, its owner chooses a character of the given type. The item enters play attached to that character. Return abilities are written as "Return (cost)." A player may pay the Return cost to return the item to his or her hand. An item in play not equipped to a character is put into its owner's Break Zone.

Si vous avez plus d'information !

PS : source http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Trading_Card_Game