Spoil Opus 6

Salut ! On a eu le premier spoil, c'est l'heure de tenir le sujet des spoils ! J'essaierai de faire un résumé des spoils dans ce premier sujet en le modifiant, si j'ai pas la flemme ! :)

Le premier est Firion ! Une légendaire feu !


4CP Fire 8000
Card Name: Firion
Job: Rebel
If you control a Job Rebel Forward, the cost required to play Firion to the field is reduced by 2.
If your opponent controls 3 or more Forwards, Firion gains +1000 Power and Haste.
Put one backup you control in the Break Zone: Firion gains First Strike and Brave until the end of the turn.


Et j'ai fait une analyse de la carte, en anglais, je vous la livre aussi !

I really like this card. It opens lots of things, while it has flaws. Wrote some line down while doing nothing at work, plz let me know what you think of it, I'd love to argue on all those point !

Let's break it down!

First, it is a 8k 4-drop, which is on curve. Fact is, there is some competition for this slot in Fire, namely Sabin and Firion H. Hopefully, this Firion can get a discount, if you have another Rebel on the field. Rebels are [Leon (ice, if errata?)], Maria (wind but backup currently), Guy (earth) and Joseph (Ice).

Currently, 2 of them are bad. Firion won't probably change everything by himself. We could surely use it alongside Guy in Fire/Earth, or we could make an argument about Leila. What will certainly happen is new rebels, new version of the Rebels. Those cards will make Firion great, or won't change a thing.

Even without a Discount, he sure can be played. Let's face it, maintaining a specific forward on board is not always an easy task. He will then remain (for this analysis) a 4-drop all the time, but we'll get to Rebels later.

The second ability, Haste+1k, is not very relevant at first. Except if opponents floods with Viking, you may not want to go head-on into 3 opponents forward. 1k can still be good at any point in the game. Thing is, you could start your turn and play Firion, attack then proceed to destroy some forwards. It could work.... I guess.

This ability is not very relevant if you stop there. Hitting for 1 then taking a 3-damage backswing could hurt. Hopefully, Fire has lots of options to take the board down, even during oppoent turns : 7-cost Phoenix + Vivi is an exemple.

Finally, we got a last ability, which is all about cycling your backups. And this is neat. Cycling backup that could not be destroyed in any other way is great. If Lulu-H did not cost 5 (and were not called Lulu), we would see tons of her.

There are obvious choices you may want to destroy : Shantotto, Fusoya, Larsa... But there is more. Every ETB abilty could be use multiple time. Seymour, for instance, has a great effect that you could use multiple time. But the main thing is, you could open with whatever backup you got, and then, at some point, change it up while getting rid of backup you don't want for this specific match-up to get more specifics backups.

I haven't spoke about what it allows too : this is a combat trick that helps a lot, called First Strike. Fire has a lots of tool to use First Strike, so Firion could win lots of trade by himself while still defending the next turn. As long as you have backup you'r willing to feed Firion, he will join Zhuyu and Sabin into the list of forwards your opponent won't defend into.

This is an interesting line where Fire is being sent those last sets: you can kill forwards, while making yours unblockable (with Redmage, Ninja or their effects). Those big forwards are there to swing hard. Being brave finally provide some defenses for Fire, thing it did not have before.

About where it can be played:

Mono-Fire : competes with Sabin, Cyan, Zhuyu. Not much fire backup that you want to destroy. Don't like it.

Bi-color with specific backup line to use/destroy : I like that. Lots of backups can currently do the trick, and we'll get a lot more with opus6.

Other rebels: It will depend on what we have. If they are strong on their own, we can slot some of them. Current one are not worth the shot right now. They can depending on what new cards say.

Last thing: I'd play him in a bicolor, kinda agressive. Enforcing bicolor with Fire also helps Phoenix, which is an awesome card as long as you don't have to target fire Forwards.

Bonus sidenote : backup you can destroy easily:

  • Fire: Black Waltz 2, Irvine, Zack, Sage

  • Ice: Edward, Cid Gesthal, Hurdy, Jihl Nabaat S, Mog XIII 2

  • Wind: Echo, Brother

  • Earth: Sarah (Mobius), Botanist, Minfilia, Masked Woman, Raubahn Shantotto, Jessie

  • Lightning: Cid of Clan Gully, Louisoix, Esthat Soldier, Seymour, Black Mage, Fusoya, Gramis, Goltanna

  • Water: Aria (III), Baderon, Larsa, Tombetty, Eiko

Demi spiler aujourd'hui: nouveau Guerrier de la Lumière terre à 6CP, avec un S.


Echanges réussi
Hillslion (parfait), Bébey (parfait), Satomi (parfait), Forda (parfait)

De souvenir il y a déjà un topic sur les Spoils de l'Opus VI ^^

"On est pas bien là ? A la fraîche, décontracté du gland""

Bah non, enfin celui-ci que j'ai créé à la sortie du Firion il y a quelques temps.

Pour ce guerrier de la lumière, vis à vis de l'effet, on a : 

- Son effet de base est quand il entre en jeu

- Il y a gain de quelque chose jusqu'à la fin du tour

- Son S cible tous les avants.

On peut également préciser que la Capacité S s'appelle "Guard Slash". ^^

Je pencherais pour un effet qui baisse ou augmente la force, au vu du nom...

Ça parle également d'une zone au début debla seconde ligne. Après discussion avec ma communauté locale, on pense que ça pourrait être un -1 en coût pour être joué pour chaque job guerrier de la lumière en Break Zone, ou pourquoi pas en Damage Zone, pour changer. 

Echanges réussi
Hillslion (parfait), Bébey (parfait), Satomi (parfait), Forda (parfait)


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pour le moment je suis pas trop Fan de Yuna ... faut juste voir les autres sorties avec les Jobs "Albatros" pour être sur de ce que ça vaut ^^

Oui, je la trouve très chère à payer et sa compétence supplémentaire pas ouf. Mais si on nous sort une albatros de coût très élevé avec des effets bien cool, elle sera dans un paquet de decks dès la sortie XD

Mes Echanges effectués :

Aion Win, Amélitha, Asakura, Avrel, Coubo, Emach, Hillslion, Miwaa, Oni71, Rith, Skandrannon, Yu, Zlaty.